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Welcome to the ALL NEW Hiding Place.

Unlike the old site, this one will have a bit of focus. It is still Christ-centered, and still has forums, but now there is much, much more. The focus of this site is on marriage & familes, ministries, and worship. You will see links for each of these in the new Articles section.

The "Marriage & Families" section has a wonderful ten part video series from Pastor Paul Tripp entitled "What Did You Expect". Each video is only about five minutes, so they should not take much of your time.

The "Worship & Praise" section contains videos from variety of sources. From worship songs with the lyrics right on the page so you can sing along, to music videos from popular christian artists. There will even be articles on worshipping our King (author yet to be determined). Every week, new videos will be added to these sections.

The "Ministries" area contains information on people and organizations that we have discovered over the years, and if possible, we will provide a button that will allow you to donate directly that ministry. Like the other areas of this site, we will be adding more information here as soon as it is discovered.

There is a new "Bible Studies" section that will allow us to present a wide variety of topics. As Charles Scott has a heavy leaning towards lists, he will be putting up a Bible Lists" category. The first among them is entitled "Names of God". Check it out.

Soon, we will have articles written by pastor Lewie Richey, as well as articles written by pastor Ron Bauer. Be on the lookout for those wonderful blessings that God has provided to us.

If you find an error on this site, want to suggest a video to be added, or have any other suggestions, please feel free to go to our "Suggestions" forum and post your comments there.

Obviously, running this site is not free. That being said, we have added a "Contribution" option. Since we are not a 501(c)3 organization, your donation cannot be a tax deduction. If you need a tax deduction, you can donate to one of the many charities (ministries) that we will be listing.

A huge THANK YOU to Larry Hollenbeck for designing the artwork at the top of our website.