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How Could a Loving and Mericful God Command Acts
of Violence as Described in the Old Testament?
I am not a learned man. However, I am smart enough to know that I am not as smart as God and therefore, do not see of understand the big picture (all the cultural information or the details involved) of any story of the Old Testament. Saying that, it is very likely that I will NEVER know or understand why God commanded killing in mass numbers.

I believe that God had righteous reasons for doing so. None of the commands He gave amount to "Murder" as they are divine judgements by God. This includes the death of thousands in the desert when the ground opened up. This includes the order to His followers to kill an entire city of people (including the children). The killing of children is horrendous to me, but I have to believe that He had a righteous reason.

Check out this article I found at CommunicateJesus.com. They explain it much better thank I could.
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