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What is 'Once Saved, Always Saved?'
Is it Biblical?
This is a very complicated issue. The answer is a constant either/or situation and although I think I understand the answer (better than used at least), and keeping my mind open for further clarity from God.

When I was young, I was told this by a believer with little or no clarification, leaving me to believe it at face value. After many years of experience, without checking the bible for evidence, I came to the conclusion that this cannot be true. My only logical evidence came from the fact that God gives us free will. Therefore, as unappealing as it may be, we also should have the right to walk away from the faith. That was logical enough for me. So I believed that although we cannot LOSE our salvation, we can give it up. Note that this was my opinion only and is not an absolute fact.

That being said, I have since grown up a bit in my faith and found evidence in the bible that modifies my opinion. Let us start with Paul's statement in Romans 8:37-39 that says that nothing can separate us from the love of God (severely paraphrased). This means that God will NEVER stop loving us, regardless of what we do.

There is a distinct difference between praying the sinners prayer, and it having no effect on their life and those who truly believe and dedicate their life to Christ. There are many people that have walked away from God after seemingly following Christ. I am not saying that they were never saved in the first place, only God knows the truth.

To those who have been truly changed, John 10:27-30 applies to them: It says "My sheep hear my voice... no one will snatch them out of my hand". We cannot be stolen from God. We cannot lose our salvation.

There is an article on this topic by Hope Bolinger that says it best:
If a Christian has been genuinely saved, entailing a life that bears fruit due to the inner workings of the Holy Spirit, they cannot lose their salvation.
This implies that if they are not bearing fruit, then they have to re-evaluate their commitment to Christ. Again please note that there is no way to know for sure what their spiritual relationship to God is and you should refrain from dwelling on this or talking about your opinion in this matter.


So to say it again, my opinion has been changed. ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED is absolutely true, if you have truly given your life over to Jesus Christ.

(but why would you EVER do that?)

Bearing fruit due to the inner working of the Holy Spirit is evidence that you are on the right path. Going through the trials that come with growing in Christ will most likely reveal your true character, and hopefully bring you closer to God than you have ever been.
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