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Come to Church and Give Your Money

This medley is not worship music, but it shows that God has a sense of humor
It was written and performed by Dan McBride
Come to church and give your money, don't be tight
Dig a little deeper in your purse tonight
Oh, oh, you can write a draft
Sign it with your autograph

Your gift is deductible from income tax
And you'll keep the budget running in the black
Oh, oh, don't make a slip
In your stewardship

Come to church and give your money, give a lot.
You should give at least a tenth of all you got.
Oh, oh, you should give your dough
To support the church and so...

We are working on a plan that won't be hard.
You can put your offering on your credit card.
It will be easy for you.
And your first payment won't be due… Until December
Our budget plan is for you

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