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I Love You Lord

From 'The Witness' Musical by Jimmy and Carol Owens
I love You Lord
And You know I always meant to do things right
I love You Lord
When I think of how I've failed you, I could cry
And when I hear you calling me
I want to run and hide
Yet You know, I love You so

I love You Lord
Although I know my heart may not seem true
I love you Lord
And I've prayed for one more chance to prove I do
I want to leave the past behind, and feel Your smile again
Oh, Lord You know, I love You so
I love you so

So if you find it in Your heart to let me start again
I'll be Your witness, Lord -- Your witness, Lord
Your witness to the end... of my life.
Let me make it right
Let me start again
I'll be Your witness to the end

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