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Deborah was known to be a wife, judge, prophetess, and most importantly, a like Mary, Elizabeth, Naomi, and many others, she was powerful woman of Faith. She was a woman who heard from God and would carry out his instructions no matter the difficulty whether it was easy or hard.

One day she was commanded by God to instruct a man named Barak to take with him 10, 000 men to Mount Tabor. There, God would help him and the Israelites defeat the Canaanites army who had been oppressing them for years.

Now even though Barak had his army, he was still afraid to lead them on his own and so he begged Deborah to go with them, which she then agreed, and told them that God had already gone ahead of them. (Judges 4:14) It was because of Deborah’s faith, her zeal, and acting on God’s Word, the Israelites were led to a crushing victory.

Life Application
It’s no doubt that we face our own version of difficulties and though we might not be going into a physical war like the Israelites, we will be faced with spiritual attacks. We just have to take God at His Word, because being fearful and drawing back will only hinder our victory, so let’s step out on faith like Deborah, and watch the enemy be defeated. And remember, the battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s.

~ Read this story for yourself in Judges 4:1-24
This excerpt was written by the staff of ChristianWalls.com
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