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Job and His Story of Faithfulness

Job was a wealthy and faithful servant of God. One day, the Devil approached God and asked if he could put Job’s faith to test. God was always boasting about how much of a faithful servant he was. Satan told God that the only reason he was so faithful is because He gave Job everything he wanted.

In order to show the Devil that Job would remain faithful, God allowed the Devil to destroy everything in Job’s life except his life. Job lost everything; his family, animals, wealth, and was even full of leprosy. For days, weeks, and months he suffered, and was even told by his family and friends to “Curse God and die.”

Ultimately, Job succumbed to his suffering and began asking why he would let evil people thrive and a faithful man like him suffer. God then replied to Job saying he will not always understand the things He does or why He does the things He does.

It was in that moment that Job understood that he just had to trust in how God works. But even through his suffering, Job never completely lost faith in God. Eventually, his suffering ended and he was blessed even more abundantly.

Life Application
Even though we are believers, it doesn’t excuse us from having our share of suffering and dissapointments due to unfulfilled expectations. There will be moments where we will wrestle with our faith, feel like just giving up, our even doubt God. It’s a good thing we’re saved through grace.

We won’t always know the reason behind God’s doings, but He always has a plan for us, and once we put our trust in Him, there will always be a blessing on the other side of our pain, or a testimony through our test.

~ Read this story for yourself in Job 1-42

This excerpt was written by the staff of ChristianWalls.com
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