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Noah and His Faithfulness

Noah is another famous story is one we all know too well. God spoke to Noah about the wickedness in the world and warned him of the flood that He was going to send. God instructed him to build an arc that would be big enough for his wife, sons, and a pair of every kind of animal; one male and a female.

Now during that period, they hadn’t seen rain for years, and so his neighbors would mock and laugh at him for building a boat when there was no water; some might have even called him crazy. After the ark was done, Noah and his family, along with the creatures got on the Ark, and God shut the door. Then flood came and destroyed everything and anyone outside of the ark. By faith, Noah, being warned of things not yet seen, was able to save his family.

Life Application
Now, unlike Noah, we may never be called to build an ark, but sometimes we are called upon to do things that seem much large for us. Sometimes, while walking in obedience to God and carrying out His will, we might get criticized and laughed at. We have to learn how to maintain our faith, despite what others around us might say. Through our faith, we can live to save and be a blessing to so many others.

~ Read this story for yourself in Genesis 6-8

This excerpt was written by the staff of ChristianWalls.com
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