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Queen Esther's Faith in Hard Times

“If I die, I die, but I must see the King.” These were the famous words of Queen Esther. A Jewish woman named Esther, was among the young maidens who were in the running to be the wife of King Xerxes. Charmed by her beauty, Ester was chosen to be Queen.

However, her cousin/ adoptive father Mordecai told her not to reveal that she was a Jew because during those days her people were hated.

During her reign as Queen, Mordecai found out that a man named Haman had petitioned the King to kill all Jews. Mordecai then told Esther about the plot and told her that she needed to talk to the King about spearing the Jews’ lives.

See in those days, no one was allowed to approach the King without being summoned or else that would cost them their lives, and so Esther was afraid. However, Mordecai Told Esther that God had placed her in a position to help save others and that she should put faith over fear.

And so Queen Esther decided she would, but not before going on a three-day fasting with all the other Jews. During that time she also prayed for courage, more faith, and guidance. Esther decided to step out on faith regardless of whether or not it might cost Esther her life, but she needed to save her people.

Life Application
Have you ever heard of the 5-Fold ministry? Those who are pastors, teachers, leaders, etc (Ephesians 4:11-12)? As believers, God puts us in certain positions to help save His people.

And yes, sometimes taking up this mantle might cost us friends, family, or worse, our lives, and with that in mind, we get scared. However, Esther’s faith taught us a valuable lesson, in that all you need to do is put faith over fear and God will take over.

Remember, even if you don’t know what the outcome will be, God is preparing you for your destiny. And like Abraham who was instructed to sacrifice Isaac, or leave his home. (Hebrews 11:8). He had no idea what God was planning, but still obeyed God’s instructions. He knew that God had great things planned for him, and so he believed and trusted in Him, and encourages us to do the same.

~ Read this story for yourself in Esther 1:1-9

This excerpt was written by the staff of ChristianWalls.com
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